NYC (and thereabouts) BRIMPERS!


A few weeks ago, I made a post to gauge interest in a possible Brimpers meet-up at NYCC. I’ve gotten a BUNCH of interest in doing this, which pretty much warms my SexCrims loving heart, and so yes: BE EXCITED, BECAUSE THIS IS A THING THAT WILL HAPPEN.


I’d like to wait until NYCC releases a somewhat official schedule to decide on a time/date for the weekend (most likely it will be Saturday?) and I know we’re still about month or so off, but I wanted to start getting the word out so people could plan on putting this in the back of their mind.

ALSO! In lieu of not clogging up my personal blog and having posts lost among the varied things that I scream about, I’ve created fybrimpers (not to be confused with the amazing Sex Criminals blog.) I’ll use this to primarily post meet-up info and other fun stuff, so if you’re planning to come out to NYCC, please follow! And please signal boost! (And even if you’re not coming to NYCC, feel free to follow - I hope maybe there can be meet-ups going at other upcoming conventions so fans can get together wherever its convenient for them.)