“The only way you can explain the behavior of women in most mainstream comics is that there has to be some sort of orgone accumulator that’s broken and driving everybody crazy. Why else would you be presenting your labia?” laughs Fraction. “Comics have done a lot of fucking wrong to its representations of women, let alone women’s sexuality.”

And maybe that’s what sets Fraction apart—and what makes Sex Criminals his most daring book yet. It’s not just that he realizes that there’s a serious sex problem in comics, or that he knows how to discuss it in incredibly nuanced ways, or even that his work often functions as counterprogramming. It’s that it so obviously pisses him the hell off. And in an industry that often seems trapped in a reductive and inane conversation about whether or not sex in comics is “good” or “bad,” Fraction loves both sex and comics, and loves talking about both in equal proportion to how much sex in most mainstream comics makes him want to facepalm.


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